Mäkkelä (FIN)

Germany based, Finnish singer-songwriter Mäkkelä can be rated one of Europe’s outstanding extravaganzas of the genre. An obsessive solo performer, melting edgy folk anthems, his punk-folk roots and a vaudeville twinkle into a stunning folk noir brew. In combination with his characteristic songwriting and exceptional guitar playing this earned him in 2017 a nomination forGermany’s European Folk Award and regular radio airplay in his touring countries. Mäkkelä delivers a mesmerizing acoustic performance on mostly guitar and irish bouzouki. Significantly different to most of the average singer/songwriter stuff. Exceptionally intense songs and a hi-energy live performance that reminds at times of a Strummer-meets-Cohen-meets-Waits kind of thing. A touring successfully solo in Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe, Mäkkelä is back on the road again with his new releases “Trad & Anger” and the brand new album “Dog & Typewriter”..

“This album grows on you with each listen and is a definite musos album. With definite echoes of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and the booze lashed, cigarette stinking romanticism of Shane MacGowan’s lyrics, Mäkkelä takes a less trodden path and invites you on his journey in search for a ‘Homeland’.”
(Fatea Magazine, UK)

“[…]folk, jazz, world moves, and topical/timeless folk songs. […] spirited intensity underneath all of these songs.”




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